Serado - Personnel de maison
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You select your household staff (or we can do it for you), and you stablish the salary conditions.
Then your household staff will come to SERADO, wich will come direct employer.
We (SERADO) will be in charge of payments and together we will be responsable for all administrative tasks, such as contracts, AVS, LPP, work permit, insurances, family allocations and sickness, etc).
All depenses of payrolling will be invoiced monthly per each employee : 200.00 chf + VTA 8%. We will change the gross salary + taxes. The total will be submitted to VTA 8%. 
We simplify your administrative work, in your name as employer. We will do the complete gestion of your salaries.
  1. Periodic gestion and calcul of salaries monthly
  2. We establish your employee(s) payment.
  3. We suppliy additionel  and monthly, tri-monthly, and yearly certificates.
  4. We establish yearly all your decomptes (AVS, LPP,  SUVA…)
  5. Coordination with AVS, LPP institutions…
  6. Administrative advice
We will thank you to contact us for any further informations.

Tel: 022.718.77.70

40, rue de Montchoisy
CH - 1207 Genève
Tel. +41(0)22 718 77 70