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Baby-sitting – Full-Time Job

Nanny, Nurse, Children governess, Children housekeeper etc.
You are looking for a baby-sitting full-time or part-time.
Our candidates will be carefully selected with a complete file including all references in private houses.
The candidate file will be very well-selected and the chosen candidates will be interviewed and their references verified before sending to your being approved.
After your selected of candidate you will be her employer and you will be responsible for her salary with taxes including. The Serado’s fees are 10% of yearly salary gross pay and you will pay once for each contract.

Baby-sitter – Temporary Mission

You are looking for a baby-sitter for some hours a day, a week or a month.
Our baby-sitters have the experience, the references and they are absolutely trustable for this job task.
The price list per hour is 27,00 Chf + TVA 8%.
The invoice will be send to you at the end of each month in function of the hour that the baby-sitter was at your service.
Possibility to deduce your invoices in taxes. For about 4 000 Chf each year and each child.
Our agency Serado will be changed to declare and pay our baby-sitter.




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Tel. +41(0)22 718 77 70